May 17, 2008


Thank god for DC to keep The Canary in flight as we've been off to a slow start in May. I recently awoke from a musical slumber and picked up the incredible Tambourine Dream - it's been in heavy rotation and really hit the spot. Good from start to finish so enjoy a sampling and then pick up the full album for yourself. Extra props to Cousin Cole and Flagrant Fowl / Pocketknife for the best named remixes I've ever come across. "faded beach towel remix" takes the cake.

For any regulars we hope you enjoy a bit of a face lift - pardon the dust as we adjust. We're extremely grateful for the logo hook-up from the amazingly talented and recently relocated Flembo. Thanks again MF - hopefully you've adapted to the yay area and next time we meet I fully expect you to be rocking a flat brimmed new era with the sticker still on. Don't sleep - Matt's work is unbeatable which fits well for the roster at Tough Love. (Birdmonster is in the stable ? YES ! )

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Dan said...

diggin the new look!