May 20, 2008

the hold steady - sequestered in memphis

Possibly the most exciting aspect of our band is the community of fans that have followed us around the country. In talking to them, we have found that no matter their ages, they are so much like us as people, that they seem at times an extension of the music. A great American philosopher named D. Boon once said "Our band could be your life." I think that is true. But "Your Life could be Our Band" is also a true statement. I know this because we have lived it. These are our lives. These are your lives. This is our fourth record. Stay Positive. -Craig Finn

here's the first single from that highly anticipated fourth record, which will be available july 15th on those horns, by the way...also, tickets for the band's upcoming summer tour went on sale today, but hopefully you already knew, july can't get here soon enough.

download: the hold steady - sequestered in memphis

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