May 2, 2008

lookout mountain, lookout sea

been listening to this new silver jews album for only a couple weeks now, but already it feels as familiar as an old pair of shoes...berman's lyrics, as always, are captivating & the additional vocals, provided by his wife, are warm & inviting...oh, & the music's top notch just over thirty minutes, the record almost begs to be played over & over again, & really does get better with each's actually kind of addicting...anyway, lookout mountain, lookout sea officially drops june 17th...damn, that's still like six weeks away.

download: silver jews - suffering jukebox
download: silver jews - strange victory, strange defeat

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Steven B. said...

In 27 years, I've drunk 50.000 beers, And they just wash against me like the sea into a pier...

David Berman is a God, and I love him!

Thanks for these :)