June 19, 2008

alejandro escovedo - always a friend

i've been eagerly awaiting alejandro escovedo's ninth solo album for a while now, & it'll finally arrive next week...but to wet our appetites, the good folks over at paste have included this rootsy power pop gem on their latest sampler & it's really good...you can catch a glimpse of alejandro performing it with springsteen earlier this year in houston, & also get a look at the making of the album over at youtube...& if that's not enough, alejandro will be on late night with conan o'brien tomorrow...the guy really is one of rock's unheralded heroes, so do yourself a favor & check him out this summer; he'll be at summerfest on july 3rd & at the taste of chicago july 4th.

download: alejandro escovedo - always a friend

unrelated: i'm sure a lot of you know that the lollapalooza schedule was released earlier this week (a lot of thin afternoons & early evening clusterfucks, in my opinion), but there were also a couple very cool after parties announced to get you running for the gates at the end of the night...in particular, the dr. dog gig at schubas after radiohead on friday & the yeasayer/broken social scene show at metro following wilco on saturday...let's hope the red line is running smoothly.

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Anonymous said...

I've listened to the three track sampler of his new album posted on his website and if the rest of the album is similar in quality then we
undoubtedly have one of the albums of the year on our hands. The guitars are cranked up and he sounds re-energised but if anything these songs seem to pack even more of a punch lyrically and emotionally and I've found what I've heard so far extremely powerful, personal and moving.