June 27, 2008

at mount zoomer

while wolf parade seem to be a pretty major indie act, i really don't know much about them...for whatever reason i completely slept on their acclaimed 2005 debut, apologies to the queen mary, & apparently the many side projects both songwriter's have been a part of since...i was quite aware of the hype, it's just one of those things where i kind of made my mind up to ignore it...the same thing nearly happened this time around as well, with their recent follow up effort; i wasn't really interested in it, but almost reluctantly decided to download it to see what all the fuss was about...about halfway through the album i still hadn't figured it out, & then those guitar licks near the end of "fine young cannibals" grabbed my attention & i really dug it...same thing with the next two tracks, which both got significantly better as they progressed, especially the ten-minute closer "kissing the beehive"...i went back & listened to the album again, & immediately started picking up on things i missed the first time around...i'm still not in love with every track, but the album as a whole is very solid & i can definitely see why these guys are so revered...i guess my point is, i should probably check out apologies to the queen mary...wolf parade will be playing the house of blues in chicago on july 8th.

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