June 3, 2008

dual hawks

i posted about the new centro-matic/south san gabriel double album back in march & then proceeded to completely forget about it...well, it officially came out today, so i've had it on repeat since this morning & i can't get enough...while the deep twang & fuzzy guitars of centro-matic are what initially draw you in, it's south san gabrial's slow hazy ballads that kind of wash everything else out & keep you there...both discs are really, really good, & even though i still can't understand everything will johnson is singing about, i know that i like it...centro-matic will be playing schubas this weekend, both saturday & sunday night.

download: centro-matic - two seats gold reserved
download: centro-matic - every single switch
download: south san gabriel - kept on the sly

unrelated: another great album (that i didn't forget about) also saw it's proper release today...ragged wood, the full length debut from fleet foxes is one of my favorites of the year so far...if you haven't heard it, you can stream the whole thing over at their myspace page.

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