June 11, 2008

Evil Urges

Here's a post of a print of a reprint. I don't think we're ever preachy here (and could honestly care less about the latest AC/DC release) but felt this topic was well addressed and worth sharing.

via Don Van Cleave at CMIS. [Don] First of all, I was going to comment on the decision for AC/DC to only sell their new record at Wal-Mart. But, I can't say it any better than Michael Kurtz of the Music Monitor Network. So I reprint his statements from earlier today here:

"For those of you who don't know, apparently a guy who was involved with managing AC/DC for years now runs Columbia Records and it looks like he signed off on having Columbia release their new album only with Wal-mart. With all due respect, having a label release an album only with the largest corporation in the world is the latest in a series of bad decisions being made by people who should know better. Putting aside the fact that stopping retailers from being able to compete is always a bad idea, in this instance there is a new dynamic. We now have a record label saying to their distribution company, you have no purpose as we will outsource your skills to the largest corporate retailer in the world.

Yes, in the short term Wal-mart can do it for this particular project. But once Sony BMG (or really any other major distributor who considers this model) is weakened by destroying the relationship with ALL of their retailers, what then? And in the meantime how are the stores supposed to react when Sony BMG sends their staff in to sell their products knowing that they can't sell them what they need to satisfy their customer base? And what is Sony BMG's staff supposed to do when they are forced to watch their retail base shrink because their company helped put their retail accounts out of business? God grief. This is worse than the Ringle.

For the record, I think the opposite of what has occurred should be happening. Record labels need to understand the important relationship between retailers and distribution companies and should be helping them expand business, not diminish it for some short term payout."

Michael Kurtz }

[back to Don] OK, with that bit of bad taste out of the way, lets talk about My Morning Jacket. I am accused of being on the band's payroll with all of my cheerleading. Whatever. RAH RAH RAH Baby! Yesterday, on street date of "Evil Urges", they played for 600 people inside of earX-tacy in Louisville. That is their hometown store. It was sick. Very unWal-Mart I might add...

Read about the
Video of the instore.

Download: AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Tittsworth remix)

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Dan said...

great disc! it will be in heavy rotation until further notice