June 5, 2008

lie down in light

most folks who got the will oldham bug, got it pretty bad...i've never been one of 'em, though...his music is just a little too bleak, plus he's so damn prolific that it's hard to keep up with everything he's got going on...that being said, i really like lie down in light, his latest release under the bonnie 'prince' billy moniker...it's ripe with country flavored folk that's unexpectadly optomistic & almost seems tailor made for lazy summer afternoons...plus the vocal pairing with ashley webber is wonderful...i doubt this album will lead me to obsess over all things oldham, but for the time being, i'm hooked.

download: bonnie 'prince' billy - easy does it
download: bonnie 'prince' billy - where is the puzzle?
download: bonnie 'prince' billy - i'll be glad

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