June 6, 2008

real close ones

the m's excellent new album, real close ones, finds the chicago quartet toning down the heavy glam rock antics of 2006's future women in favor of a more easy going psychedelic sound that still manages to capture the band's loose, garagey sensibilities...it's another great record from a band that doesn't get nearly the exposure they deserve...the m's play schubas this weekend with centro-matic; they're opening on saturday & headlining on sunday.

download: the m's - big sound
download: the m's - pigs fly
download: the m's - how could you

unrelated: another act who seems to have eased up on his glam rock influences is david vandervelde, who looks to be moving towards a much softer seventies sound on his second lp, waiting for the sunrise, which will be out august 5th...my old kentucky blog posted a nice song earlier this week that sort of reminds me of the jayhawks, while secretly canadian is offering up this lead off track...vandervelde will be in town for a gig at schubas at the end of july.

download: david vandervelde - i will be fine

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