June 4, 2008

who do you love?

when i saw david bromberg a few months back, there was a moment during his set, after announcing that he was going to play something from the chess label, where he asked the crowd if they knew who the most famous man in the world was...a few random names were shouted from the crowd, & bromberg replied, "no man, it's bo diddley! after all those people are dead & gone, someone will still pick up a guitar & bust into..." & then he played a killer version of "who do you love?"...unfortunately, bromberg was way off on his "most famous man in the world" remark, as not nearly enough people know what an absolutely incredible impact one mr. ellas mcdaniel had on modern music...he was right about one thing though, that bo diddley beat is gonna outlive us all.

download: bo diddley - who do you love?
download: ronnie hawkins & the hawks - who do you love?
download: the yardbirds - who do you love? (live)
download: john hammond - who do you love?
download: eric clapton & van morrison - who do you love? (demo)
download: the band & ronnie hawkins - who do you love? (live)
download: townes van zandt - who do you love?
download: ronnie wood & bo diddley - who do you love? (live)
download: eric clapton & robbie robertson - who do you love? (live)

related: "In 1985 we went down to Camden, N.J. to see Bo w/the Ben Vaughn Combo backing him up (they were perfect, Bo hated them) so I brought my copy of Go Bo Diddley to get signed. While I was getting it signed Ben asked Bo about the verse in "Who Do You Love" about the ice wagon and what it meant. Bo replied that Leonard Chess made him change the lyric from the original verse he brought in, which was: the night was black / the sky was blue / around the corner / a shit wagon flew / a bump was hit / a scream was heard / someone got hit with a flying turd" (via boogie woogie flu)


Dan said...

Dude, you do a great job and I love your blog ... but.

You really should include the definitive version - George Thorogood. I'm not a real fan, but you can't deny that this is the one that is in the public's psyche, and I wouldn't be surprised if many people thought that Thorogood wrote it.

Boogie Woogie said...

It's a good song :P RIP Bo Diddley