July 11, 2008

dave mason

any of you catch dave mason on conan a couple nights ago, performing "feelin' alright" with joe cocker & his band?...it was pretty cool to see him show up so randomly like that, but i couldn't help feeling a little bad that his career never took off the same way some of his early contemporaries did...after the dude left traffic in 1969 & fell in with the leon russell/delaney & bonnie crew, he was at the top of his game...he was turning up on albums from the stones & george harrison, & was all set to join derek & the dominos, when he decided to go into the studio & record his solo debut, alone together, instead, which in my opinion is one of the finest all around rock albums of the seventies...with a ridiculous array of musicians in tow, including leon russell, carl radle, jim capaldi, delany & bonnie bramlett, & even eric clapton on a couple tracks, it's still the bouncy folk-rock melodies of mason's well-crafted songs, every one of them fantastic, that carry the album (well, that & clapton's solo at the end of "look at you look at me")...mason released a few more really good solo albums, & had a couple soft rock hits near the end of the decade, but then he kind of disappeared in the eighties...now he tours the country, playing small festivals, like the one tonight in itasca (a suburb of chicago)...maybe not what he expected back in 1970, but at least he's still playing...& why not when he's got songs like these to play.

related: those soft rock hits he had at the end of the decade, by the way, were very well deserved...mason's biggest commercial success came in 1977, with these breezy gems off let it flow...oh yeah.


Anonymous said...

his 1st solo album was a classic, 'Sad and deep as you' my fave track

BPastoria said...

Watch Out Dave Mason fans...Dave has an amazing new album coming out in the Fall of 08...Guaranteed to be a Classic!! Stay Tuned