July 24, 2008

dog days

it's been a bit of a slow week around here...but whatever, it's the middle of the summer, it's hot outside, the cubs have let the brewers creep within a game of the lead in the nl central, & sometimes you just get into a little slump...plus, i really haven't been listening to anything besides the new one from dr. dog all week...sure, it's been in the rotation for about a month now, but for some reason it seems to have come on super strong in the past couple days...while the dog too often get pegged as nothing more than a throwback to the americana-steeped pop of late sixties masters like the band or the beatles, they appear to have truly found their own voice on fate...granted, it's a somewhat nostalgic voice, but it's definitely theirs, & the album is fantastic...unfortunately, toby "tables" leaman, one of the two leads, has injured his voice & the group had to postpone their two nyc shows this week...here's hoping he heals up for the post-palooza gig at schubas next friday.

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unrelated: the lead single from celexico's forthcoming album, carried to dust, started making the rounds earlier this week...silky.

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