July 7, 2008

Gary Wilson

I've heard alot about the Gary Wilson film from a number of different people over the years and looks like it's now available on a proper DVD release. Succinct summary blurb below from the one and only Atomic Records.

You Think You All Know Me: The Gary Wilson Story DVD+CD (Plexifilm)

Championed by the likes of Beck and Matt Groening and obsessed over by record collectors, Gary Wilson's album, You Think You Really Know Me, is widely considered one of the most unique and personal musical statements of the 1970s. Director Michael Wolk set out to learn more about the man behind this esoteric record, only to find that he had all but vanished shortly after its original release. You Think You Really Know Me - The Gary Wilson Story is a look at the fascinating yet bittersweet life of a musician and artist well ahead of his time and ripe for rediscovery.

Download: Gary Wilson - Soul Traveling

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