July 9, 2008

modern guilt

my expectations got pretty high for this new beck record after the exceptionally haunting lead single "chemtrails" surfaced a little over a month ago, & while nothing else on modern guilt quite reaches the epic proportions of that particular track, i'm really digging the album as a whole...unlike some, i was actually a fan of 2005's guero when it came out (although it hardly compared to previous efforts like midnite vultures or mutations), but i really haven't had the urge to revisit it since, & i only got through 2006's the information a handful of times before tossing it aside as well...while it's hard to say if this new one will have the staying power of beck's best work, the dark, serious undertones & raspy, analog beats (courtesy of danger mouse) have kept me coming back over & over again all week & the quick run time has made it even easier to hit repeat...all in all, i guess it's just nice to feel excited about beck again.

related: this isn't the first time beck has disguised downtrodden lyrics with catchy beats...check out this great track, which was up on beck.com back in november of 2005.

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