July 18, 2008

the offender meets the pretender

this is a pretty well known bootleg, recorded in vrpo studios in hilversum, holland back in december of 1976...what's interesting is that even though jackson browne was arguably at the height of his fame, the dutch radio host & those in attendance seem more interested in warren zevon, who had only just released his self-titled second album & was on his first solo tour as browne's "special guest"...to be honest, i probably would have been more excited to see him as well, nothing against jackson browne, it's just a matter of preference...what's equally cool though, is how invested browne seems in sharing the spotlight & showcasing the work of his good friend...check it out.


April said...

AWESOME. jackson browne is cool, but jackson browne + warren zevon!!! i think desperadoes under the eaves is one of the all-time best of warren's. thanks for this post!!

everysandwich said...

Wonderful stuff that stands the test of time. I admire the loyalty these two had to each other over all the years in a tough, tough business. Thank you for the post.

gkapageridis said...

They are two of the finest singer-songwriters of the past 30 years or so. This is a special part of modern music history, and surely a great show. Can you kindly re-up it cause the links are missing.
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