August 1, 2008

waiting for the sunrise

sounds like david vandervelde has been spending a little more time with his pal jay bennett...while some may say his latest lp is steeped in the sentimental soft rock of the seventies, i'm hearing something much more reminiscent of the mid-nineties alt country scene, of which bennett was obviously a part of...either way, the t. rex boogie of last year's moonstation house band has subsided, & even though catchy numbers like "nothin' no" are definitely missing, the overall flow of the album is so good that they're not necessarily missed...waiting for the sunrise will be out next tuesday...check it out.

download: david vandervelde - california breezes

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unrelated: i'm a little bummed i won't be able to attend lollapalooza this year (even if the lineup really doesn't impress me as much as previous years)...but if you are planning on sweating it out in grant park this weekend, you might wanna pregame with this nice little mixtape, care of stereogum.

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