August 30, 2008

Doo Doo Brown

It is with great sadness we report one of Chicago's treasures and some may say the third Canary (his writings may be too "real" for mass consumption) is departing Chicago for NYC (coincidentally, the same day I move from Milwaukee to CHI). His love for a special lady is sending "M i c h a e l" to New York. As of now, his plans for employment remain uncertain, yet some things are concrete: he will live in Williamsburg, tight jeans will be the norm, his fixie will be his transportation, American Apparel will be the only cotton that touches his skin, and he will partake in DIY projects with any free time he has aside from fixed gear bike polo / jousting. We wish him the best.

Download: Wu Tang Clan - Tearz
Download: The C.O.Ds - Michael The Lover
Download: Al Brown - Love and Happiness

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