August 21, 2008

thing of the past

thanks to a nice tip from aquarium drunkard, i turned on vetiver's recent covers album last week & haven't been able to turn it off since...the few songs i had heard before, previously from the likes of ronnie lane, loudon wainwright iii, townes van zandt, & bobby charles, all stay pretty true to form, & i imagine the others don't stray too far from the original versions either, but the song selection & sequencing is spectacular, & the laid back performance truly does sound like a thing of the past...not to mention that in the process of putting together this great record, andy cabic & company have helped to turn the listner (i.e. me) on to some wonderfully obscure artists, such as elyse weinberg ("houses"), garland jeffreys ("lon chaney"), michael hurley ("blue driver"), & the english prog-metal group, hawkwind ("hurry on sundown")...the whole thing sounds like some long lost folk lp...& it's great.

download: vetiver - lon chaney
download: vetiver - hurry on sundown
download: vetiver - blue driver

related: a few month's back, vetiver's andy cabic cotributed a playlist to when you awake's wonderful "mixin' with" you might guess, the songs he chose aren't exactly well known, but they are well worth discovering...this fantastic number from john compton closes out the mix.

download: john compton - lookout

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Anonymous said...

Hey there!
This is Jody from When You Awake. Thank you so much for the shoutout. We just changed our servers- so the new link to the Mixtape is

Thanks again. We love what you are doing here.

All the best,