September 19, 2008

acid tongue

jenny lewis's solo debut, rabbit fur coat, recorded with the watson twins, was a beautiful, low-key, singer-songwriter affair rooted in the early nashville sound & somewhat reminiscent of patsy was also one of the best albums of 2006...& while her follow-up, which will be available next week, doesn't quite tug at the heartstrings the way the first one did, it is at times a much more joyful & upbeat record, with a loose, communal feel that only adds to it's appeal...among the albums guests are m. ward, zooey deschanel, chris robinson & elvis costello; none of whom will be appearing with jenny tonight at the epiphany church...but that doesn't mean the show won't still be great...see you there.

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anaptdm said...

omfg. the next messiah.