September 11, 2008

are the cubs the replacements of baseball?

craig finn tackled that question & more when he dropped by yesterday to wax poetic about his beloved twins...he also claimed to have a soft spot for the brewers, which i guess is what happens when you hang around with cheeseheads like far as the cubs go, i think it might be a little early to start comparing them to famously self-destructive rock bands...but then again, the replacements did break up on stage in chicago.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? The Cubs are media darlings with a cute little ballpark full of yuppies. The Sox are the blue collar, unlovable losers of Chicago. But, just like the 'Mats, at least they can get their act together sometimes. Let's just consider 2005 to be their Let It Be.

- a Southsider

Anonymous said...

The Cubs are Creed - corporate horrors!