October 27, 2008

david byrne in chicago

after his show at the civic opera house last night, i came home & checked david byrne's journal to see what he'd been up to in chicago all day (i'm guessing it was a little too cold for a lakefront bike ride)...but unfortunately, he seems to have fallen a little behind in his posting (just like us!)...anyway, if he's already been through your city, you should definitely look to see what he thought of it...as for the show, it was incredible; i don't think his voice has ever sounded better, the dancers weren't nearly as annoying as i first thought they'd be, besides a couple momentum shifts the new songs mixed really well with the older stuff, & it was pretty fucking amazing to hear live performances of tunes like "air", "help me somebody", "houses in motion" & "the great curve" in person...here's hoping it doesn't take another four years for him to come back.

strange overtones
i zimbra
one fine day
help me somebody (download)
houses in motion
my big nurse
my big hands (fall through the cracks) (video)
never thought
the river
crosseyed and painless
life is long (download)
once in a lifetime
life during wartime
i feel my stuff
take me to the river
the great curve
burning down the house
everything that happens

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Culture Bully said...

Missed it when the show came through ($$$) recently but I was still able to catch up with one of those dancers you mentioned. Fascinating lady, and from what I've seen from some videos - you're right, not too bad at all! :-)