October 17, 2008

thanks i'll eat it here

as this indian summer rolls on, i seem to find myself reaching for the lone solo album from lowell george quite a bit...the laid back, slinky grooves just go down so easy & the soulful performance lingers on well after the record has stopped spinning...it's pretty well known that the one time little feat frontman preferred the stage to the studio, & in fact it took him over two years to complete the nine songs on this album, only three of which were original compositions...but i can only imagine what it was like to see him perform, as he died of a heart attack on tour in 1979, only a few weeks after i was born...it's a damn shame, cause nobody does it like lowell george, the man was timeless.

related: bonnie raitt has been quoted as saying "lowell george was the best singer, songwriter and guitar player i have ever heard, hands down, in my life."...here they are together, 36 years ago today. 

related: lowell's daughter, inara, put together a pretty nice mixtape for when you awake a while back that's worth checking out, & her duo, the bird & the bee, has a new album coming out in january...keeping the family business alive, i guess.

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mmrules said...

Along time ago:1979 ?

After Lowell George passed away a bunch of his friends,Jackson Brown,Bonnie Raitt,Emily Lou Harris,Linda Ronstad(sp?)The Tower of Power Horn Section and,more I can't remember right now Plus,the remaining band members of Little Feat held a memorial concert at the Los Angeles Forum..
To raise money for Lowell George's family..
I was there..It was a Excellent concert.. But,sad too..

The remaining members of Little feat were the back up band for everybody..
Little Feat were true musicians..Sliding into one song after another of the musical guests songs..
Like I said it was one of the best concerts I've ever seen..
And,growing up in SmelLA,I was lucky to see a lot of The Big Boys..
But,even till this day I Wish I could have seen Lowell George play with Little Feat live before He passed away..

He Was Special..