November 7, 2008

don't be a stranger

seems like we've been a little out of the loop on the fresh music front over fact, i was just telling dave earlier this week how it's been a couple months since i'd heard a new band that really caught my ear...most likely from lack of looking, but still...then all of a sudden, a couple days ago (somewhat later than most, judging from hype machine), i came across the soulful folk-rocking debut from the moondoggies & was immediately sucked in...when you listen to a lot of old music most of the time, you can sometimes forget just how great it feels to discover something new...& right about now, discovering the moondoggies feels pretty fucking when are they going to get out on the road?

download: the moondoggies - black shoe
download: the moondoggies - make it easy

1 comment:

Absoloaferly said...

So hooked on "Make it easy"
Cheers for the tunes...