November 16, 2008

rock + roll means well

the floor of the riv was way too crowded on friday night, it was hot too, & at least where i was standing it smelled like shit...but i still walked out of there at the end of the night with a huge smile on my face...i was drunk, my hearing was shot, & i was covered in beer, but the previous couple hours spent jumping around & singing along with two of the most enthusiastic rock bands around was pretty incredible...i was there mainly for the hold steady & knew going in that the drive-by truckers were just gravy, & i still feel that way, but after watching the two bands pile on stage together for a ridiculous encore; smoking cigs, passing around bottles of jack, running around & jamming to each others songs (i'm not sure i've ever seen craig finn as fired up as he was singing along to "let there be rock"), i've got to say i have a greater appreciation for both groups...the fun they were having was contagious & exciting to watch & it definitely spread to the crowd...i guess that's what it's all about.

drive-by truckers:
bulldozers & dirt
ghost to most
righteous path
checkout time in vegas
goodes field road
i'm sorry houston
carl perkins' cadillac
the living bubba
self destructive zones
feb. 14
women without whiskey
lookout mountain
zip city
ronnie & neil
3 dimes down
puttin' people on the moon
the hold steady:
massive nights
constructive summer
multitude of casualties
stuck between stations
the swish
magazines (download)
you can make him like you
navy sheets
banging camp
chips ahoy
chicago seemed tired last night
stevie nix
you gotta dance
milkcrate mosh (download)
stay positive
sequestered in memphis
lord, i'm discouraged
don't let me explode
slapped actress
your little hoodrat friend (w/ patterson hood)
chillout tent (w/ patterson hood & shonna tucker)
burnin' for you [blue oyster cult] (w/ dbt)
ride on [ac/dc] (w/ dbt)
let there be rock [drive-by truckers] (w/dbt) (download)
killer parties (w/ dbt)

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