December 29, 2008

my morning jacket, live in chicago

if any of you are looking for a belated christmas gift for me, i'd like a suzuki omnichord, like the one jim james played at the chicago theatre last night...just throwing that out there...fantastic show by the way...i'm consistently surprised by how amazed i am at these jacket concerts, & after seeing them close to a dozen times, i know that the only thing i should have been surprised by was jim james showing up clean shaven...seriously, they're the best live band working today, & they continue to blow my mind every time...& that encore was just sick...look out nyc.

at dawn
it beats 4 u
evil urges
i'm amazed
what a wonderful man
i will sing you songs
sooner (download)
thank you too
lay low (download)
highly suspicious
off the record
i think i'm going to hell
smokin from shootin
touch me i'm going to scream pt. 2
run thru
look at you
nashville to kentucky
steam engine
cobra (download)
one big holiday 

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