December 4, 2008

sneaker spots

i guess our friend wiz doesn't own a tivo, cause he can't seem to get enough of these two commercials from adidas & nike...he says they both had him reaching for "forgotten" tracks from pilooski & cornershop...honestly, i had never heard of either of those artists, but that probably explains why wiz would be in the middle of that adidas house party & i would be left outside...anyway, i dig 'em, especially that frankie valli cut, so thanks wiz...oh, & bron bron totally lifted that chalk thing from that's kind of annoying.

unrelated: this "candyman" number is a little more my style.

unrelated: the grammy nominations were announced last night, but steely dan didn't release an album this year, so i wasn't really paying attention...apparently though, two of my friends were, & they had some pretty strong feelings on the matter...i figured as long as we were already sharing other's opinions in this post, a couple more couldn't warned, these get pretty vulgar (& pretty stupid)...why so angry, guys?

"alicia keys is annoying and overrated, for that matter all r&b music made in the last 20 years blows camel dick...mariah carey is a fucking cartoon character who makes awful awful music and should be put down like a sick fucking dog (also see previous r&b comment)...madonna is a hideous old fucking sucubus hag, who makes shitty fucking music and is somehow still getting by on the fact that she was a mildly cute whore 1000 years ago and that gay dudes still worship her as some sort of icon...coldplay's album is ok, and i can listen to it all the way through without throwing up, but at best it is like the 50th best album released this year and will probably win every category including "best non-coldplay album"...beyonce has officialy been moved from my "i'm just going to pretend you don't exist list" to my "get hit by a fucking bus and die slowly list" ever since she announced she performs as her "alter ego" sasha fierce...lil wayne easily has the best rap album of the year and deserves all the grammy's he's up for....and yes i am available for the leather canary's official grammy coverage as a guest writer." -r. gutwlad

"madonna is a nasty whore who looks like more of an alien in a meat-suit than a woman...mariah carey is nuts, but totally doable...sasha fierce is a fox, but for some reason it seems like she has a stinky vag. cohen, remember when you said that if i married her she would be beyonce biondi? sasha biondi doesn't have quite the same ring to it...coldplay is a joke. did you all know that they were originally a boy band called pectoralz? their music sucks, their lyrics suck, and they are a bunch of cock-smuggling dong urchins...little wayne = butt plug...daniel, feel free to post that on the canary." -m. biondi


Kevin said...

Cornershop - "Brimful of Asha" is an all time fav.

Also, anyone who pays attention to the Grammys does not like music.

Billy from Philly said...

Anyone who assumes things about a person's musical likes and dislikes doesn't like life.

Dan said...

Anyone who owns a tivo is a sucker

dc said...

oh yeah, i remember that "brimful of asha" tune...i guess i had heard of cornershop.

Anonymous said...

Your friends just might be whack jobs with an overdue trip to anger management therapy.