January 12, 2009

2008: listed (pt. 2)

caught an early showing of gran torino last night with dg...& while he may have been more interested in the pabst product placement than the actual movie, i found it surprisingly hilarious & actually pretty heartfelt...& the notion that clint eastwood (who was great by the way) made this film in a matter of months only makes the finished product more impressive (dude even sings his own song during the closing credits)...anyway, i made it home for the last hour or so of the golden globes & with the exception of mickey rourke's best actor win (& the thanking of his dogs, past & present) it was pretty worthless...i mean, slumdog millionaire's an alright movie, but sort of a poor man's city of god, right?...& danny boyle did "feel good" much better in 2004's underrated family film, millions...at least that's what i think...i also think these were my favorite movies & tv shows of the past year.

01. wall-e
02. milk
03. the wrestler
04. the visitor
05. the dark knight
06. iron man
07. role models
08. snow angels
09. pineapple express
10. frost/nixon

01. generation kill
02. the daily show/the colbert report
03. the wire
04. lost
05. mad men
06. the office
07. 30 rock
08. john adams
09. the sarah silverman program
10. breaking bad

related: while i may see the golden globes as worthless, my good friend kristen sees them as her superbowl...when i asked her how she could possibly defend watching eight full hours of red carpet coverage on three different channels, she responded by sending me her own top ten list filled with her favorite moments from last night's show...yikes.

1. Tracy Morgan's acceptance speech; "Tina Fey and I had an agreement that if Barack Obama won, I would talk for the show from now on…” Oh, and he made sure to give a shout out to the Craft Services Ladies, they never get enough praise for their work with starving actors.
2. Marky Mark vs. Ari Gold; on the red carpet Mark Wahlberg made fun of Jeremy Piven’s mercury poisoning by asking him if he was contagious.
3. Heath Ledger wins for his portrayal of The Joker in arguably the best movie of the year, The Dark Knight.
4. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange; seriously, what the fuck was up with all the hand holding?
5. Dear J. Lo, trying to recapture your youth may have worked when you were with Diddy, but honey you cannot pull that off with Marc Anthony by your side.
6a. Best Dressed: Anne Hathaway - navy is in; Eva Longoria - I guess she put those pregnancy rumors to rest; Kate Beckinsale- people always forget about her but those earring were stunning; Eva Mendez- Candace’s secret crush, watch out Dan; Jennifer Morrison - love that blue.
6b. Worst Dressed: Heidi Klum - she probably weighs 90 lbs but in that dress she looked like she was carrying a 20 lb baby in her pouch; Renee Zellweger - what was that?; Maggie Gyllenhall - not surprising, she rarely gets it right; Cameron Diaz - most consistently fugly person on the red carpet; Tina Fey - she looked like a mess from hair and makeup down.
7. WTF Megan Fox; when asked on the red carpet where her fiancĂ© Brian Austin Green was (some of you may remember him from the best show that was ever made), she replied, "He doesn't want to be here. He doesn't want to be my date. He's a man, he has an ego. I don't think he cares." Then she went on to say this crazy shit, “I'm a tranny. I'm a man. I'm painfully insecure, like I'm on the verge of vomiting right now, I'm so horrified that I'm here, and embarrassed, I'm scared." But I do have a 22 inch waist. BREAK UP WITH HER DAVID SILVER!!!
8. Where was Reese Witherspoon? She is usually the best dressed at these things.
9. Alec Baldwin thanked his daughter, Ireland. The same daughter he called a thoughtless piggy. Guess he's still paying for that.
10. Colin Ferrell assured the audience his sniffling was because of a cold and that “it is not the reason it used to be." Right.


jesselun said...

Gran Torino = After School Special with guns

Anonymous said...

Kristen shoud be a regular!

Anonymous said...

You should probably subscribe to Showtime as Dexter and Weeds are top 10 shows!

Heuser said...

this review was very well done. the only thing you missed was mentioning Darren Aronofsky giving the finger on live tv. i think this gesture pretty much sums up most of our feelings about the GG's. (that said, i did watch the red carpet and the entire broadcast)