January 16, 2009

a cowboy song

so, my brother & i joined the hold steady in support of numerous cubs charities last night at the house of blues, & even though we intentionally showed up almost two hours late, we still somehow managed not to miss tom morello walk on stage for the opening set...to be honest though, he really wasn't that bad, a little overzealous at times, & obviously taken back somewhat by the crowd's lack of enthusiasm (which was sort of hilarious), but he actually sang some pretty decent folk songs (in a sort of bad imitation of joe strummer kind of way), he also did a nice cover of "ghost of tom joad" & brought out the coup's boots riley for a new collaboration that sounded almost exactly like rage against the machine, except, you know, with boots riley, who's awesome...so, not a total wash, but i think when "the nightwatchman" (which is what morello kept calling himself) finally finished, more people were clapping for what was coming up than what they had just seen...& that was completely understandable, because the hold steady came out & put on the same incredible, high energy show they always do...craig said some nice things about the cubs (to tune of "hey, at least they're not the yankees, right?"), & they broke things up a little with a great version of "cheyenne sunrise", which i had never heard live before...they called it "a cowboy song", & i kept thinking how great it would be to hear them play the real "cowboy song", but they didn't...not much else to say, great show, great time, no "killer parties"...& craig looks exactly like a young lin brehmer.

download: thin lizzy - cowboy song (the peel sessions)

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