February 22, 2009

for your consideration

heads up, chicago...after quickly selling out their july 22nd gig at wrigley field last week, elton john & billy joel have gone ahead & added a second show for july 16th, on sale tomorrow morning...i can't say i ever got that into billy joel (well, maybe his earlier work), but elton john is a god damn musical genius, or at least he was in the early seventies...& while there's little chance he'll play anything but the hits, what's a few hundred bucks to watch two old fatties play the piano from the upper deck?...hey, it's worth considering..also worth considering, these two bonus tracks tacked onto the 1995 reissue of tumbleweed connection.

1 comment:

Agnes said...

Love that ep of The Office! Love every episode actually. And Elton and Billy would be pretty entertaining.