February 17, 2009

i've got my own album to do

in case you missed it, the lovely ladies over at when you awake put together a wonderful pair of valentines mix tapes the other day with a little help from the likes of langhorne slim, howlin' rain, & dr. dog, among others...& believe it or not, the canary was lucky enough to contribute one of our favorites as well, ronnie wood's "mystifies me", from his incredible 1974 solo debut, i've got my own album to do (later covered by son volt for their debut, trace)...anyway, the track led me to revisit the album as a whole, which woody put together between gigs with the faces & the stones, along with a few friends, including keith richards, mick jagger, george harrison, rod stewart, ian maclagan & willie weeks (the baddest bass player in the country!)...it's a loose, funky, forgotten gem from a legend who rarely seems to put himself front & center, even when his name is on the album cover.

unrelated: in addition to rumors of reunion tours & collaborations, it appears that rod the bod is all set to step into the studio with none other than the dap-kings (nice!)...unfortunately, this info comes along with the news that daptone records was robbed last week (drag!).


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Thanks!

Jody said...

These songs are so good! I can't believe I had never even heard of this record. Thanks guys!

Jody and When You Awake