April 21, 2009

i go down to the river, & there i be...

"You could tell in their music they know where they're coming from and they know where they're going.  Each one had an extremely special interest in what they were doing.  If you listen to the sound of the way Robbie's notes pop out of his guitar -it must be how far down on the fret he presses the strings- it comes out a very special Robbie way of life.  And Garth, the same thing.  Garth'll take what normally would be a B-3 but with a little something that only comes from him.  And, of course, Rick Danko, his approach, there's nothing like it.  Some people you can tell what school of thought they come from on bass or the guitar.  I don't know where Rick Danko comes from.  I don't know his source of reference on the bass.  I couldn't put my finger on anything there.  It just was his very own thing and I think it was perfect.  They dance by a different drummer, all the time.  There was nothing stock about them.  Coming together as a group, that magic that formed such individual love and interest, I just felt really good."  
-allen toussaint, on the band.

"It was such a pleasure to work with Allen and then have him be so excited about working with us.  We asked him, 'What do you want, a piano?'  He said, 'No, just a tape recorder and some music sheets, some blank paper.'  So we gave him a tape recorder with earphones and he just wrote that off the top of his head.  He's a genius."  
-rick danko, on allen tousaint, who composed the horn arrangements for the band's 1971 new years run at the academy of music, nyc.

download: the band - don't do it (live)

related: is it possible that danko actually outdid the james jamerson's base line from the holland-dozier-holland original?  believe it.

related: couldn't quite pony up the $500 to see allen toussaint perform this thursday night at the 2009 foundation gala down in new orleans, but maybe i'll see him marching down the street over the weekend...in any case, he's got a new jazz album out today called the bright missisippi & it's excellent.

related: speaking of new albums, levon helm is following up his phenomenal 2007 release, dirt farmer, with one called electric dirt on june 30th...he'll also be rambling through the chicago theatre on june 9th...i'll be front & center. 

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