June 3, 2009

buick mackane

buick mackane was alejandro escovedo's heavy hitting, early nineties, part-time austin based rock band...they released their only lp, called the pawn shop years, in 1997, though it was recorded somewhat earlier (during the band's pawn shop years, i imagine)...& like most everything alejandro escovedo's involved in, it's pretty fucking awesome. 

related: a version of the second tune up there, "falling down again", also closed out escovedo's 1992 solo debut, as the second half of the album's lofty title track...& it was perfected, in a medley with lou reed's "street hassle", for the incredible live album, more miles than money a few years later. 

related: chuck klosterman wrote a great paragraph about marc bolan in his book, killing yourself to live, & considering buick mackane took their name from one of bolan's song's, here it is:  

"Marc Bolan: Arguably the most pretentious wizard in glam-rock history, Bolan fronted T. Rex, claimed to author science fiction novels that were never published, and honestly believed it was a good idea to name an album "Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow: A Creamed Cage in August".  With his signature top hat and solid-gold easy action, Bolan loved to sing about cars: He claims to have driven a Rolls-Royce, apparently because it was good for his voice.  He loved his Cadillac.  He once pursued a woman named Buick McKane, and he was a jeepster for her love.  He even had "highway knees," whatever the fuck that's supposed to signify.  And this was all somewhat paradoxical, since Bolan never learned how to drive; the irony is further extended when one considers that he died in a 1977 car accident, two weeks before his 30th birthday (his girlfriend drove them both into a tree).  Bolan glorified a machine he could not operate, only to have that same machine spell his doom.  The lesson: Be careful what you wish for, lest you get it."

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