July 13, 2009

The Jayhawks

My friend Tony headed up to the Twin Cities to the Basilica Block Party for The Hold Steady. But to his surprise, he got a bit of a treat on Friday. The hometown boys, The Jayhawks, headline the main stage. Throughout the evening, I kept receiving texts telling me how great they sounded. The last text of the evening said..."Blue with a full choir....amazing." 

I have to admit, I was a bit envious. I could only imagine the rich harmonies of Gary Louris and Mark Olson with the rich and soulful sounds of the backing choir. 

The Jayhawks are one of forgotten bands in the alt-country movement. But throughout the years they have always released solid albums and singles that will cement them in the alt-country pantheon.


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avanhizzle said...

It was quite amazing. To my sonic pleasure, Olson & Louris tore through much of "Tomorrow the Green Grass." And not only was there a choir on the stage with them for "Blue," as the rain came down, the entire crowd sang in time with them all. It was a great opportunity to catch them since I balked on the 03 Summerfest show. Welcome to the blogosphere monsieur Wiz!