July 25, 2007


with shows like 40 most softsational soft rock songs & bbc crown jewels, vh1 classic has become commonplace for my tivo season pass...my favorite show they have to offer though, is the hour long documentary series, classic albums, which dissects the making of such great works as the band, dark side of the moon, catch a fire, disraeli gears, graceland, aja & over-nite sensation...i mean, who knew that tina turner & the ikettes supplied all the backing vocals for over-nite sensation...well, some of you probably, but still...the show is on all the time & is also available on dvd, check it out.
related: vh1 soul aired the bbc's excellent six part documentary series, soul deep, last month...keep your eyes peeled in case they show it again...highly recommended viewing.

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candace said...

VH1 classic has really put out some great shows- I agree with the TIVO selections especially 'classic albums.' The Dead's 'American Beauty' was one I enjoyed very much!