July 24, 2007

is that my belt?

here's the trailer for the darjeeling limited, which will be released sept. 27...i'm a big fan of all things wes anderson, including his soundtracks...while his previous films have featured somewhat obscure pop songs from the 60's & 70's, plus original scores by mark mothersbaugh (& occasionally, portuguese bowie covers), the poster above says that the featured music in this one will be from the films of satyajit ray & merchant ivory instead...what, no steely dan?...still, the trailer features two pretty great kinks songs from their 1970 album, lola vs. the powerman & the money-go-round, pt. 1, that probably would have worked well in any of anderson's previous efforts...enjoy.
related: wes anderson regular & leather canary favorite, bill murray, will be emceeing eric clapton's crossroad guitar festival in chicago this saturday...more on this later in the week.

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Kevin said...

This looks real sweet, cant wait for it to drop.