July 5, 2007


went to boston last weekend for my cousin's wedding & stayed a couple days to hang around the city & take in a red sox game with my family...i'd only been to boston once before, for a couple hours a few years ago on my way to nantucket, & that may have been enough...we had a great time, but i was pretty underwhelmed by the city...besides the history, there's not much to it, it's small, hard to get around & everything seemed pretty commercialized...i liked cambridge, & fenway was cool, but it's got nothing on wrigley...candace insists that we didn't see everything the town has to offer, but maybe i was expecting more...anyways, the wedding was cool, it took place at the decordova museum & sculpture park outside the city, which was beautiful, & it was fantastic seeing everyone...congratulations to andrew & kelly, best of luck in israel the next two years, i hope you have a wonderful time.

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TJ said...

It's disturbing that you blew Candace's identity in the early stages of your blog. The unknown is always a better read.