July 9, 2007

welcome to the friendly confines

we caught the police at wrigley on friday night & they were about as good as expected...i thought (64-year-old) andy stole the show but dg seemed more impressed by stew, who was dressed like he was about to join a bike race...i love those white gloves...they stuck to the same setlist they've played all tour, which was fine by me & apparently the rest of the crowd, as it seemed like everyone was having a great time...some personal high-lights included "voices inside my head", "walking in your footsteps", "so lonely", "next to you" & also "wrapped around your finger" because carrie said it sounded like a cross between "janie's got a gun" & the theme to law & order.
related: an aquarium drunkard dissects copeland's 2006 documentary, everyone stares.

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