July 25, 2007

weekend hotness

I'm a bit distraught that I gotta work out of town this weekend with the ridiculous amount of good muzak going down in Chicago, MKE, and Madison - but i ain't gonna hate - if you are around come correct and hit us with some reviews. I'm not going to comment on 'em all as it will increase my pains but here are two freebies for the Chicago kiddies. Looks like being broke ain't no excuse.

Friday 28th - Ghostface comes to get ill in CHI and brings Ayres and Rhythm Roots. I saw this line up at SXSW and it was straight heat. Don't sleep - Ghostface with a full band is real deal. Free with RSVP here.

Saturday 28th - Digging legend Dante Carfagna lays it down at Lumen - 839 W Fulton Market. Free with RSVP here. Go there and please ask him if he ever remembers giving six track mix cds to Milwaukee legend Tom Ward. Until i excavate the six track mix - get your Dante fix on with this track "Yeah Yeah" by Black Rock off Carfagna's Chains & Black Exhaust comp - nicely done up here with Weezy + the Birdman daddy courtesy of and just one of the always hot and fresh offerings at The Hood Internet.

download: Ghostface - Good Times in Africa
download: DJ STV SLV - Stuntin Like Black Rock

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