August 18, 2007

Dirty Kitchen

SEPTEMBER 9/1 Dirty Projectors, Yacht @ Beat Kitchen

i've been down on my luck all summer and now apparently fall for being out of town for the gigs i really want to see. May those minds who can attend be numbed + re-programmed. i haven't been normal since i saw these guys down at the todd p party at sxsw this past year. dave longstreth and company completely changed my view and previous position on all things i once thought i knew. wow - deep and sentimental, i know.

mp3 will not even do justice - go see the show yourself and check out the band Zappa would be proud of. headphones are ideal for maximum bug out although may cause dizziness and not recommended for at work listening.

note: at the legendary (in my vision) todd p party i snapped a shot of dude inside the mexican bar that hosted the festivities. didn't know then, but I'm pretty sure it's actually milwaukee's own Juiceboxxx. he most have wore him self out after the cheeseburger set. i should have woken him up and let him know DP and then Dragons of Zynth were about to lay down the freak. man that was a day - dirty, cheese + dragons.... dc will provide an education on Yacht before the show or may have already in a previous post. check the Dirty Projectors myspace for more straight up weirdness and the host of other dates including a fair amount in the Midwest (some with vampire weekend).

ok - i'm now gushing but this is too funny. From wikipedia:

"In 2005, Dirty Projectors released The Getty Address, which is a concept album surrounding musician Don Henley. It is described as "a glitch opera" about musician Don Henley, although it also explores themes like ancient Mexico, post-9/11, America, and oil. The album boasts over 25 musicians on it, most of whom contributed to the orchestral and choral backing of the album. These parts were recorded over a period spanning over five months, and were chopped up digitally to create the backings of the album. Dave Longstreth then overdubbed his own vocals, guitar, bass, and other instruments to create the songs on the album.

Although the lyrics have been described as gibberish, the words actually do tell a narrative beginning with Don Henley contemplating suicude, and ending with a new installment of Longstreth's songs involving brown finches. The central theme of the story is about Henley attempting to find the shape of Love. All lyrics were derived from the Eagles album Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 and Dave Longstreth's solo album The Graceful Fallen Mango."

Download: Dirty Projectors - I Will Truck

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