August 28, 2007

is anyone up for a game of basketball?

i slept on the new prince album because, well, it's a new prince album, but right now i'm really digging this "chelsea rodgers" song which kind of reminds me of a show candace & i saw a few years back...prince was doing a greatest hits tour (dg raved about it, something about just prince, a guitar & a stool, i don't remember) & playing some late night club shows after the arena gigs...he was supposed to go on at the house of blues at 12:30, but didn't hit the stage till about 3:00, when he strolled out in some red pajamas and stood off to the right as he & his band (which included maceo parker & larry graham) worked their way through a bunch funk jams & a cover of "no diggity" was a pretty good time (it better be when the drinks are $8), the sun was up when the show ended, & it kind of gave me the impression of what an early era prince show might be like...except we didn't hear any prince songs..."chelsea rodgers" is really funky, & kind of sounds like the early stuff, but not really...the rest of planet earth is a mixed bag, but it all sounds pretty princey.

download: prince - chelsea rodgers

bonus: as much fun as i had at that late night show, it would have been a million times better if the setlist looked like this...dg passed this on a while back & it's fantastic...recorded live at the ritz, in nyc, on march 21, 1981.

download: prince - the ritz, nyc, 03/21/81.rar

01. do it all night
02. why you wanna treat me so bad
03. gotta broken heart again
04. broken lonely and crying
05. when you were mine
06. gotta stop (messin around)
07. sexy dancer
08. sister
09. i wanna be your lover
10. head
11. still waiting

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