August 24, 2007

nerd alert

i've never been a big book reader, & it kind of upsets me...even as a kid the only things i read cover to cover were calvin & hobbes collections...there are a lot of books i want to read, or rather wish i had read, but it just seems like such an exhausting endeavor...anyways, it looks like a lot of my favorite indie rockers do enjoy reading books, or at least support creative writing, because they're getting together this sunday at the beacon theatre in nyc for revenge of the bookeaters, a one-night-only event that brings together celebrated comedians, writers, and songwriters for a rare evening of intimate performances...demetri martin is hosting & the scheduled performers include jim james, britt daniel, a.c. newman, fiest, grizzly bear & according to stereogum, kevin drew & assorted members of broken social scene...i've really been digging kevin drew's new album by the way, the first of the broken social scene presents series, which sees different members undertaking solo efforts, with the rest of the band accompanying them (kind of like what kiss did, when ace frehley rocked that excellent cover of "new york groove"), spirit if... isn't officially available until sept. 18, but i thought this would be a good opportunity to preview a couple tracks...anyways, looks like the new yorkers win again, tickets are still available for the bookeaters event, which benefits 826NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting children with their writing skills...if it's anything like last year, you won't want to miss it...bastards.

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