August 6, 2007

a long weekend

lollapalooza was exhausting this weekend, but ultimately, very entertaining, highlighted by late afternoon sets on sunday by the stooges, !!!, my morning jacket & tv on the radio...a few of my favorite moments included a shirtless 14-year-old in jean shorts, glasses, & a hair lip, trying to grind on my friend michelle during daft punk, before confessing that "daft punk on acid rules", jim james performing "the chipmunk song" & "the rainbow connection" at the kids stage, the hold steady sounding very arena ready in front of a huge crowd, patti smith putting on an incredible show in the rain, dios dedicating a great version of wing's "let me roll it" to everyone in the audience born after 1985, the sign language experts jamming out in front of the stage during both the roots & lupe fiasco, iggy pop practically stealing the whole weekend with a ferocious set that included about 200 stage crashers, & finally, my morning jacket covering curtis mayfield's "move on up" with the chicago youth symphany orchestra...all it takes is a little bit of extra effort; the purple tuxedos, the youth orchestra, the beastie boy-esque invitation for the crowd to upload their videos of the show, or a tip of the hat to a chicago legend like mayfield, jacket tried to make it special & for me it was...the only thing that would have made it better was if the crowd wasn't packed with uninterested pearl jam fans...when pearl jam finally did take the stage, they put on a fantastic show, but their hardcore fans were brutal; pushing, screaming, shouting out every lyric at the top of their lungs, applauding an anti bp/amoco rant as they simultaneously tossed their empty beer cups on the ground...i'm glad i stayed to see pearl jam, it was a great way to end the festival, but leaving right before the encore may have been the strongest play of the was a long weekend.

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