August 20, 2007

smile on mighty jesus

biondi broke the news to dg & me this morning about ween's upcoming chicago show, so we asked him to say a few things in anticipation...skeptical that i might again butcher his prose with notes & worried that he wouldn't be able to limit his output ("brevity is not something i practice while writing"), he still humored us with a short blurb:

--Smile On Mighty Jesus--
Fire up those Scotchguard-powered bongs, because WEEN will be playing the Aragon Brawlroom on Saturday October 20th, with tickets going on sale this Saturday at noon. These "gentlemen's" Pennsylvania-Weird Rock will most-assuredly cause a series of head explosions that forces the Kinetic Playground to become some sort of Rock and Roll triage. If you aren't familiar with these assholes, check out "Happy Colored Marbles" below... If songs about sandwiches, anti-depressants and AIDS -respectively- are your thing, then you will really dig this show. "Am I gonna see God mommy?"

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update: tickets appear to already be on sale here

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