August 20, 2007

no oates

as the summer comes to an end, so does hbo's current sunday night lineup...thanks to a slew of long weekends & a couple sunday nights actually spent doing things, i had trouble keeping up with all the shows & as a result dropped out of entourage (finally) & big love (thinking about catching up on demand)...with help from tivo though, i did stick with john from cincinnati & flight of the conchords...can't really believe i got into john from cincinnati, but once i got past a few of the horrible performances (rebecca demornay! shut up!), & quit trying to figure out what the hell was going on (john's supposed to be jesus or something) i was able to focus on the ridiculous dialouge & oodles of forgotten actors (al bundy, dylan mckay, maurice tt rodriguez, zack morris, jeanie bueller, ned ryerson, mr. moore, the gay guy from sex in the city, half of the cast of deadwood, & the best part of the entire show, spiros 'vondas' vondopoulos)...of course, john from cincinnati was cancelled almost immediatly after it's season finale last week...let's hope flight of the conchords doesn't suffer the same fate...the show's been pretty consistant throughout it's run, with the bowie & drive by episodes both standing out...last night's episode featured a cameo by daryl hall (sans oates), so i thought i'd feature a couple tracks by daryl hall (sans oates) off the robert fripp produced sacred songs...hope you like them...also, next week's episode of flight of the conchords features will forte, probably my favorite snl cast member since tim meadows.

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