September 11, 2007

neil young fall tour

neil young has announced a fall tour to coincide with the release of his new album, chrome dreams II, which will be out on 10/ case you were wondering, the first chrome dreams is a 1977 unreleased acetate which includes a number songs that would later be released on other albums...anyways, the upcoming tour includes a two night stop at the chicago theatre on 11/12-13, with tickets going on sale this saturday at extra incentive; if you buy a ticket, you get the new album for free...alright.
chrome dreams II:
01.beautiful bluebird
03.ordinary people
04.shining light
05.the believer
06.spirit road
07.dirty old man
08.ever after hidden path
10.the way

download: neil young - beautiful bluebird (04/85; "old ways 3" sessions)
download: neil young - boxcar (02/89; "times square" sessions)
download: neil young - ordinary people (08/27/88; jones beach, ny)

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