September 11, 2007

moonlight mile

the flaming lips show was pretty phenomenal last friday, even if it did get a little hot in the aragon...i think wayne had already sweat through his suit by the time he got out of his giant hamster ball to start the show...& the heat may have actually caused a couple extra breaks in the set, as wayne seemed to take every oppurtunity to bash our current administration & encourage the underage crowd to get out & vote...i'm right there with him, but i kind of miss the days when he'd spend the whole show trying to freak the kids out instead of enlightening them...oh well, it was still great, black moth super rainbow were spectacular & the night ended with a fantastic cover of the rolling stones "moonlight mile", the haunting closer to 1971's sticky fingers...i think candace summed things up best when she exclaimed after the house lights went up, "that blew me away!"
race for the prize
free radicals
fight test
mountain side
vein of stars
yoshimi battles the pink robots
riding to work in the year 2025 (you're invisible now)
pompeii am gotterdammerung
the yeah yeah yeah song
waitin' for a superman
the w.a.n.d.
do you realize??
she don't use jelly
moonlight mile

download: the rolling stones - moonlight mile
download: the fifth dimension - moonlight mile
download: jerry garcia band - moonlight mile (02/14/76)
download: drive-by truckers - moonlight mile (06/22/06)
download: the flaming lips - moonlight mile (06/17/07)

1 comment:

juan said...

thank you so much for sharing that beautiful song both the original and the cover.

the flaming lips rock, and much more with moonlight mile