September 6, 2007

black moth super rainbow

psych-pop weirdos, black moth super rainbow, make their way through the windy city this weekend with a show tonight at the abbey pub & then as the opening act for the flaming lips tomorrow night at the aragon...the band is pretty far out there, but their latest album, self described as songs about witches who make candy deep in the woods of western pennsylvania, is really good...check out some of the free mp3s they've got available on their website & some of the great videos they've got up on youtube (i really hope they project those during their live shows)...anyways, the album is called dandelion gum & the band also has plans to reissue their first two out of print lps as well as solo projects from band leader tobacco & bassist power pill fist...those are some great names.

download: black moth super rainbow - sun lips
download: black moth super rainbow - drippy eye

unrelated: an aquarium drunkard has a fantastic neil young post up today, featuring the entire vinyl rip of one of my favorite albums, time fades away, which is still not available on cd...incredible...why didn't i think of that.

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