September 6, 2007

"not too often seen in public"

Devin Copeland of H-Town was thankfully discovered by my boy PJ back back back in the day. Talking straight '97 - Indianapolis kiddies actually have some decent mix tapes and know there s#it i guess. PJ is still "just a fiend" for the Dude to this day and so am I. The Houston native is smooth as buttah and has been Just Tryin to Live for quite a bit now, seeing some recent increased recognition with a Snoop collabo.

I saw the The Dude down in his home state during SXSW last year and it was a straight up scene - never seen such a significantly large and obnoxious entourage on-stage for no apparent reason. Also witnessed head of security at the club complain to the promoter about the crowd in that he had confiscated two sets of brass knuckles and turned away a patron who thought it was cool to bring his python into the show.

The Dude hits Madison on October 28th at the High Noon Saloon. Check the bangers below. The other jobless dude i know besides Devin may even be able to break you off with some knowledge of those amazing "Georgy" key samples.

Download: Devin The Dude - Georgy
Download: Devin The Dude - Just A Man

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