September 6, 2007

no green bay

after the cubs dropped their half game lead in the nl central this afternoon, i'm more ready than ever for the nfl season to begin...the bears start their super bowl run on sunday in san diego, so all you fantasy guys might want think about sitting ldt...19-0 baby!

download: the sticks of dynamite - it's football, baby!

related: check out part 1 of the sports guy's nfl preview...great's what he had to say about the packers:

Old quarterbacks are like old strippers, old rappers and older bottles of white wine -- with the exception of Don Strock and that's really it, they get dramatically worse with age. Most people think Brett Favre is just about washed-up; actually, he is washed up. According to Pro Football Prospectus, Green Bay led the league in overthrown passes last season. In 2005 and 2006, Favre turned the ball over 64 times. Heading into Week 14 last season, the Packers were 4-8 and lost to four teams with good defenses (the Bears, Pats, Eagles and Jets) by a combined 130-19 margin. What else do you need to know?
(Note: I feel bad for the underrated Packers defense, which has a chance to be really good this season. I also feel bad for the good people of Wisconsin. In the span of seven months, they could watch the Brew Crew blow its division to the hated Cubs, followed by the greatest QB in Packers history potentially embarrassing himself in his final season, and then Chairman Yi playing 20-25 minutes per game -- guaranteed by Herb Kohl to the Chinese government, as reported by Ric Bucher!!!!! -- and single-handedly killing the Bucks' playoff hopes. The only silver lining is they'll be covered in mustard and cheese sauce the entire time. Could we send an extra shipment of EKG machines to Wisconsin please? And make it a rush order. Thanks.)

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