September 5, 2007

is there gas in the car?

so kanye west's new album has been floating around for about a week or two & it's not bad...his rhymes aren't the greatest, but he's good at what he does...i mean who else is sampling laura nyro, not to mention can, elton john, michael jackson, daft punk & steely dan...if you're sampling the dan, you got my's a little weird that he decided on the donald fagan vocal rip though, when the rest of "kid charlemagne" is so damn funky, whatever, i'm still digging it...graduation officially releases next tuesday & while i'm betting kanye outsells 50 cent, i personally think we'd all be better off boycotting this whole marketing scheme & putting our money towards the new lionel richie live album.

download: kanye west - champion
download: steely dan - kid charlemagne

related: kanye ain't the first cat to sample this blog's namesake...the most popular hip hop track to use a steely dan song is probably de la soul's "eye know", which features both "peg" & "fm"...but i think my favorite has to be the bizzie boyz fantastic use of "the fez" on "for those who slept"...nice.

download: the bizzie boyz - for those who slept
download: steely dan - fm
also: good move by kanye to enlist the help of zach galifianakis & will oldam for his "can't tell me nothing"'s been around for a while, but if you haven't seen it, check it out.

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